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I never worried about going to work before…

I was a newspaper reporter for a little over ten years.

First for the Victoria Advocate in Victoria Texas from 2006 to 2008. And the Denton Record-Chronicle from 2008 to 2016.

I reported on a lot of things, elections, bridge club meetings, church services, funerals, 6-man football games, drownings, shootings, sex abuse allegations, heck, even a first person story on Pokemon Go when it first dropped and everyone was obsessed with it. I never thought for a moment that my life would be in danger. me in the newsroomI mean sure, any moment of every day anything could happen to us to end our time here on this earth. But you don’t consciously think about it. You don’t let it command and control your day, you just do what you are supposed to do. For the reporters of The Capital Gazette Thursday was just another day to do their job, to tell stories, report the news for the people.

Things changed when a man who reportedly had a beef with the newspaper walked in, armed and opened fire on the staff at the paper killing five people and injuring a couple others.

That is crazy to think about. Now I have had lots of people not like stories I wrote about them. I’ve gotten bad e-mails from people, rubbed lots of political folks the wrong way, I’ve have people try to get me fired in my time. Hell, I got a voicemail from an 8-year-old threatening me.

I still have that voicemail saved.

But I’d never expect someone to take shots at me. If I was in a war zone reporting, then, sure, maybe I’d worry about it more, but not here, at home, at my newspaper. It’s crazy, it’s wrong, it’s so many other adjectives that others have put forth far more eloquently than I can.

I’ve read the comments about the idiot that is in the White House inciting violence against journalist. He has advocated for it much like he has advocated for things against other citizens who are against him. The shooter does not seem to be a follower of the Cheeto in Chief, so maybe this cannot be attributed to him directly, but who knows how many of his sick followers this incident will embolden and inspire, as if times were not shaky and scary enough in recent months.

Here’s hoping this heinous act gets the punishment it warrants, here’s hoping those who have chosen to taken on the life of a journalist, the often low paying, thankless job of reporting the facts, uncovering the truth and holding public officials feet to the fire, they continue to go to work every day, do the job to the best of their ability and not let cowards like the shooter stop them.

I have plenty of friends in the biz and I’m keeping them in my positive thoughts.

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