Look Mom, we’re on TV…

Well not yet. But we’re working on it. We in this case being myself and others in the Christian Wrestling Federation. The CWF will be appearing on The Now Network. NOW is billed as the #1 source of 24/7 Urban Christian Television Programming. It can be accessed by their Web site as we all as on cable on NTS Communications ch. 249 and LiteStream ch. 120. Not a numbers guy to ponder how many people the show has the potential to reach, but it’s more than the ministry does now and it’s reaching people in new ways online, which can only help the growth of the CWF as it barrels towards near two decades of existence.NOW logo

As I have said before I enjoy working for the CWF and have for years. I am not the strictest Bible thumper out there. I know a handful of scripture passages by heart, I have my faves of course, but I have my faith in the man upstairs. At CWF you don’t have to be a Super Christian, and I enjoy that.

I enjoy the work they do in reaching out to people and the stories there are behind that. I even highlighted a specific one about a foster child at a summer camp the CWF worked. That’s why I love the CWF. I also love that my skill set outside wrestling can help with this endeavor. Now the powers that be in the CWF had been contacted about TV show content before and while it seemed like a good way to help the ministry evolve, the effort and resources it would take to make it happen were not at hand for the CWF and not financially viable at this time. CWF tv

Or at least it wasn’t until they remembered my skill set behind the camera and in the editing bay. I have written/filmed/produced a number of Web series/shorts and short films and I am developing a couple indy features, as well as running camera for a few other DFW-area productions, it’s what I love to do.

Make movies and kick faces.

And thus, positivity prevailed. Saturday will be the first taping for the show. I think the name is still a work in progress, but we have time as it won’t air until October or so and even then it will kick off with two preview episodes that will serve to introduce the CWF and its history and it’s members to a new audience. We will kick off the interview segments for those this evening following a regular training night for the CWF. me gear

I won’t be behind the camera, I will be in the ring of course, but I will have my crew manning the cameras and I will be editing and producing them.

I have wanted to have a hand in a wrestling related TV show for years, so I welcome the opportunity to do this since. Will it be perfect right out of the gate, nope. But I will take my lumps and get through some trial and error that will shape a product that will highlight the ministry and the message as well as the action in the squared circle. Whichever way it goes, I’m looking forward to kicking things off Saturday.

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